Member of PCT

- entered into force in Qatar on August 3, 2011- The provisions of Article 59 of the treaty shall not apply.

Can Convention priority be claimed


Novelty requirement


Patent search

Not possible 

Deadline for filing supporting documents

For the time being and in the absence of regulations implementing the patent law, the Qatari Patent Office will notify applicants of missing documents, pertinent deadlines and authentication formalities in due course

Does the invention specification have to be translated for filing

required (the Arabic translation may be submitted at a later stage).

Required Documents

1. A Power of attorney duly legalized up to Qatar Consulate.

(The power of attorney can be lodge at a later stage). 

2. The complete specifications of the invention including abstract, claims in English with Arabic translation (The Arabic translation may be submitted at a later stage).

3. One set of the drawings relating to the invention, if any.


20 years starting from the date of grant

Countries of Representation and IP Information