Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer is the process where knowledge, technologies, skills, methods and samples of manufacturing, and facilities are shared among the governments and other institutions. The goal is to take scientific and technological developments to the reach of an extensive array of users so that they can further develop and use the technology in the development of new products, process, materials, applications and services.

We handle all aspects of technology transfer; these services are carried out under the surveillance of the experts. These experts have years of knowledge in this given field. Also, the use of most advanced technology help us in delivering completely trouble free final results. Before providing technology transfer services we do thorough study to ensure that not even single information is missed. Your database and other important information are assured to be safe with us.

Article 7 of the TRIPS Agreement states that the protection and enforcement of IPRs should contribute: 

  • To the promotion of technological innovation; 
  • To the transfer and dissemination of technology; 
  • To the mutual advantage of producers and users of technological knowledge; 
  • In a manner conducive to social and economic welfare; and 
  • To a balance of rights and obligations.

Countries of Representation and IP Information